South Africa’s favourite FUSO truck range – The CAN-DO CANTER – is now available with a 4 year / 240 000 km* warranty to give you 1460 care-free days.


This special offer is available from 1 April 2019 and on selected Canter models purchased from FUSO franchised dealers.




  1. FE6-109
  1. FE7-136
  1. FE4-130
  1. FE4-130 (AMT)
  1. FE6-130
  1. FE7-150
  1. FE8-150 (SC)
  1. FE8-150 (DC)


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Offer valid on selected CANTER models purchased from participating FUSO franchised dealers.

Applicable from 1 April 2019

Subject to availability

Until stocks last



A national FUSO Dealer Network is at your disposal for maintaining, servicing and repairing all FUSO products throughout South Africa, as well as in specific countries where FUSO trucks are exported to by Daimler Trucks & Buses South Africa (DTBSA). This service is booked and supported by DTBSA.

Repair claims in terms of this warranty can only be undertaken and submitted by a FUSO Franchised dealer within the same country where the vehicle was purchased.

FUSO Trucks are warranted against defects and faulty workmanship. 4 years / 240 000 km.

This warranty is conditioned and subject to compliance with the prescribed service requirements and that the vehicle is not in breach of any exclusions covered below.

Breakdowns are also covered for 4 years / 240 000 km mileage.

DTBSA reserves the right in its sole and absolute description to repair or replace such parts that it acknowledges to be defective.

Warranty for RSA Vehicles

Vehicles sold in South Africa by DTBSA are subject to the warranty conditions applicable to South Africa. Vehicles exported to countries outside South Africa are warranted in accordance with the warranty conditions applicable to that country. The warranty terms are not transferable in the event of the vehicle being exported to another country by any party other than DTBSA.

Replacement Parts Warranty

Parts fitted by FUSO franchised dealers for in-warranty repairs are warranted only for the unexpired term of The Vehicle Warranty.

DTBSA warrants FUSO genuine replacement parts and approved accessories sold by our Franchised Dealers against defects and faulty workmanship, inclusive of labour costs, for a period of 12 months from date of fitment when and if installed by a FUSO Franchised Dealer.

Parts subjected to any external damage are not warranty claimable.

Parts sold over-the-counter with the exception of electronic components, and wear and tear friction items (which carry no warranty against wear), are also warranted against defects and faulty workmanship for a period of 12 months from date of sale, regardless of the installation date of such parts. No labour costs or consequential damage can be entertained.

Warranty Principles

The Warranty and any liability of DTBSA, are subject to the following principles.

Non-adherence to the FUSO prescribed special service requirements will negatively impact on the medium to long-term durability, safe optimum operation of the vehicle and ultimate resale value.

Consequently, warranty claims on vehicle with service interval under or over-runs can only be entertained on a merit basis. The vehicle needs to be serviced strictly as prescribed in the maintenance schedule relevant to the Operating Category in accordance with the Warranty Terms and Conditions above.

By time/distance limits the prescribed maintenance as determined by the Operating Category needs to be done by a Franchised or Authorised FUSO workshop within 1 month of 1500km, either way of the prescribed time or distance, whichever event occurs first. Operating Category (See inside front cover)

All FUSO products are categorised by the operating environment they operate in and are subjected to. This determines the level and frequency of service and maintenance requirements.

These are:

Category 1 Arduous Operation

  • Construction site-dirt roads, extreme dust environment in rough terrain with heavy loads or,
  • Frequent off-roads trips/non paved roads or,
  • Harsh short distance transport.

Category 2 Short Haul Transport

  • Operates primarily in cities and densely populated areas or,
  • Regional transport on secondary roads with infrequent motorway journeys or,
  • High frequency stop-start urban deliveries/collections or,
  • General short distance transport.

Warranty Exclusions

Warranty claims cannot be entertained where:

  • The vehicle or part has been subjected to including but not limited to alteration, modification, misuse, incorrect operation abuse, overloading of permissible gross vehicle or axle masses, incorrect towing, transportation or maintenance, negligence, ignorance, incorrect gear change or general damage caused by external forces.
  • Following damage to the vehicle of whatever kind, whether mechanical, electrical and electronic or body related, as a result of collision or road accident, unless a FUSO Franchised Dealer Workshop, Accredited Workshop or Approved Autobody repair shop repairs such damage.
  • Non Genuine FUSO replacement parts or approved accessories have been fitted.
  • The vehicles or any component/part has been modified, altered, adapted for or participated in a speed, endurance, durability, motor-sport contest, competition or no adherence to FUSO design requirements.
  • The vehicle or component/part has not been maintained or serviced as per the required Operation category (e.g. category 3, traveling long distance on tarred surface roads).
  • The vehicle has not been serviced or repaired by a franchised or authorised FUSO Dealer.
  • The improper use of service products such as fuel blend/ type/cetane or viscosity rating, hydraulic or lubricating oil, brake fluids, coolant or preserving agents or their replacement including flushing intervals in the engine, gearbox, and transmission was not adhered to.
  • Warranty against cab panel corrosion is limited to body panel perforation (edge corrosion excluded) for the duration of the vehicle’s warranty. Bolts, nuts and fasteners are specifically excluded.

Specifically excluded from the warranty are:

  • Globes, bulbs and fuses, aiming of headlights and battery maintenance.
  • Filters and desiccant cartridges.
  • Lubrication and oil changes.
  • Checking of fluid levels.
  • Valve adjustment.
  • Friction materials and parts subject to wear and tear.
  • Tyres, balancing and rotation of wheels or tyre pressure checks.
  • Loss of income or profit.
  • Road testing and functional checks.